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Commercial Shipping Print

The VDSS members and especially those of the group of "technical, nautical experts" normally have an education and university degree as navel architect, marine engineer or chief engineer and captain and have a long time business experience as independent shipping expert and surveyor.

Clients are hull and loss of hire underwriters, P&I clubs, insurance brokers, shipping companies, banks, shipyards, operators of harbour facilities, courts etc.
Our experts are acting on the fields of inland water vessels, harbour vessels, coastal and seagoing vessels of all types and sizes. We are working completely independent and are doing surveys and expertises worldwide.


  • Survey of technical hull and machinery damages
  • Survey of environmental / water pollution damages and organization of abolishment / waste clean up
  • Survey of collisions, as far as possible ascertainment of collision angle and further collision parameters
  • Organisation and survey of salvage operations
  • Survey of technical damages and third party liability claims at harbor facilities
  • Consideration of actuarial underwriting questions
  • Fast and efficient claims handling
  • Analysis, valuation and determination of cause of damage
  • Detailed examiniation of casualty
  • Compilation of repair specification
  • Tendering of required repairs
  • Evaluation of required repair work, cost of repairs and duration of repairs
  • Damage related auditing of repair accounts
  • Inspections are conducted worldwide


  • Extensive reports, including all relevant statements and documentation regarding the damage
  • Fast damage handling
  • Statements / reports about course of damage and discovered damages
  • Statements / reports about cause of damage and costs of repairs
  • Compilation of damage taxes / reports including checking of the reasonable damage account